CES 2021: Intel Introduces Tiger Lake H35 For Ultraportable Gaming

Source: Intel CES 2021: Intel Introduces Tiger Lake H35 For Ultraportable Gaming

A New Laptop Segment Is Born

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were introduced to the Ultrabook segment (OK, it was actually a decade ago), and the resulting trend has produced a seemingly endless supply of what are now called “thin-and-light” offerings, with ever-thinner designs. Naturally, one area where the current crop of ultra-thin laptops often suffers is raw CPU performance, with 15W-25W products integrated into most designs.

Today Intel has what they are framing as a new segment-defining processor line that could be bridging the gap between the traditional low-power offerings and high-performance CPUs. It is the Tiger Lake H35, which is, as you may have guessed from the name, a 35W line. The important thing is that we are talking about a 10W reduction while offering, according to Intel, performance equal to the best of the previous 45W generation.

Intel Tiger Lake H35: 5GHz and 35W

Before now Intel has offered their 45W Core H Series CPUs for the enthusiast/gaming segment, while the company’s U Series mobile parts are offered with 15W TDPs, with models configurable as low as 12W and as high as 25W.

Intel Tiger Lake H35 2

There is more to the story than just CPU compute horsepower, of course, and here Intel has a compelling total platform offering which features Wi-Fi 6/Gig+, Thunderbolt 4, and PCI Express 4.0 (x4 lanes off the CPU).

Intel claims that the new Core i7-11375H offers “the fastest single threaded performance of any laptop processor matched only by our highest performing (45W) 10th Gen Intel Core H” and that it “outperforms competitors by ~30% in single threaded performance”.

Intel Tiger Lake H35 3

Granted, only one Intel-optimized benchmark is being used here, but the 45W/35W Intel-to-Intel comparison is promising.

“Coming soon” are new H Series SKUs offering up to an 8c/16t configuration with clock speeds up to 5 GHz, and Intel is quick to point out that their mobile platform will offer a full 20 lanes of PCI Express 4.0 “to power the fastest storage and graphics”:

Intel Tiger Lake H35 4

If we are to receive any early word of new laptops in the works making use of the new Tiger Lake H35 this is probably the week for it.

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