CES 2021: Thermaltake Gets Tough

Source: Thermaltake CES 2021: Thermaltake Gets Tough

Thermaltake Launches High-Performance TOUGHAIR CPU Air Cooler

Not afraid to go big, or stay with a color scheme that nicely matches pretty much everything, Thermaltake is announcing new air cooling accessories and coolers.

"We are tough when it comes to thermal performance insisting on design without compromise, and from that, the TOUGHAIR CPU Air Cooler was born. Air cooling is a simple and convenient way to cool your PC, and it is rare to see a new air cooler launch in the market. Thermaltake Engineering team has worked hard to design a new air cooler worthy of the TOUGH name and delivers what PC users are expecting." - Kenny Lin, CEO of Thermaltake
CES 2021: Thermaltake Gets Tough - Cases and Cooling 1
CES 2021: Thermaltake Gets Tough - Cases and Cooling 2

TOUGHAIR 110/310/510 CPU Air Cooler

The TOUGHAIR CPU Air Coolers come in three different models: 110, 310, and 510. The 110 is a horizontal tower design offering a low-profile design for smaller system builds. The 310 and 510 are vertical tower designs featuring single and dual fan configurations. Cooling these heatsink designs pushing 58.35 CFM @ 2,000 RPM. Each TOUGHFAN 12 (120mm x 25mm) offered a controllable fan speed between 500 RPM and 2,000 RPM and built using an advanced Gen.2 hydraulic bearing for long and silent operation.

Cooling capacity, Size and MSRPs:

  • TOUGHAIR 110 : up to 140W cooling dissipation : 137.7 x 123.6 x 114.1 mm : $34.99
  • TOUGHAIR 310 : up to 170W cooling dissipation : 123.6 x 71.7 x 159.5 mm : $39.99
  • TOUGHAIR 510 : up to 180W cooling dissipation : 123.6 x 98.8 x 159.5 mm : $49.99

CES 2021: Thermaltake Gets Tough - Cases and Cooling 3

The universal socket design of the TOUGHAIR makes installation easy, and its retention system is fully compatible with all the latest Intel and AMD CPU sockets – AM4/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 on the AMD side, and Intel LGA 1200/1156/1155/1151/1150. Materials are stated to be an optimized aluminum fins structure with direct contact copper heatpipes. Fan noise is stated to be just above 23 dBA. Thermaltake backs up these new TOUGHAIR coolers with a limited 2 year warranty and expect availability in the USA and Canada in Q1 2021.

The black on grey appearance with what appears to be slightly textured fan blades are immediately appealing, so I am looking forward to trying them out for performance. Especially on new 11th Gen Intel “hotties”, where all the best tech memes inform us are challenging to cool.

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  1. )perandi

    It ‘looks’ like Thermaltake is using some kind of fibrous material in the polymer of the fans similar to what Noctua started to do with some of their next generation fans, the hubs also look pretty substantial. Hopefully its not just looks but if they are putting effort into building premium fans they should play that up in their marketing as Noctua is pretty much alone at the top.

    I also agree the black on grey is a looker.


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