CES 2021: MSI Premiere 2021, Two New GPUs, An SSD And More

Source: MSI CES 2021: MSI Premiere 2021, Two New GPUs, An SSD And More

Mice And Monitors And MEG

To nobody’s surprise, the recent tease from MSI featuring a helicopter making a sea landing was indeed letting you know a new Seahawk is coming to a pre-order queue near you.  The MSI RTX 30 SEA HAWK family will consist of several different types of RTX 3000 including the RTX 3090 pictured above.  All will sport a mixture of air and water cooling, which should give you some impressive thermal headroom to overclock the card as far as the silicon can handle.

There is also the MSI RTX 30 Suprim series cooled by their TRI FROZR 2S cooler and will feature enhanced power stages to let you feed it a bit more juice without worrying about instability.

CES 2021: MSI Premiere 2021, Two New GPUs, An SSD And More - Shows and Expos 2

They’ve announced a new MSI CLUTCH GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT with a 16000 DPI sensor, a FriXionFree Cable and as the name implies it is very lightweight.  More surprisingly is the announcement of an MSI branded gaming SSD which will be available in sizes up to 4TB in size with sequential read speeds up to 7000 MB/s, and write speeds up to 6900 MB/s.

If you are hunting for a new curved monitor then the announcement of the MPG ARTYMIS series of monitors which have a 1000R curve and will be available in a variety of different sizes and resolutions.  There is a new MEG Z590 GODLIKE motherboard with plenty of RGBs and an interesting looking cover for the back panel.

Artymis and MEG

Last up is the MPG CORELIQUID K360 AiO watercooler, with three TORX FAN 4.0’s to cool the 360mm radiator and an additional 60mm TORX FAN 3.0 in the block head which MSI suggests should improve cooling performance.  That block also features a 2.4″ LCD which can be set to show hardware information, photos, a system clock or more.

You will be able to control that display with the new MSI Center, which is a merger of the Dragon Center and the Creator Center into a single software suite.  It unites not just RGB and fan control but also Sound Tune, Duet display for iThangs, Smart Image Finder and even Mystic Light for your backlighting.

There were also several new desktops and even an all in one PC with an upgradable monitor was announced as well.

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