MSI Releases Several High Powered Laptops During MSIology

Source: MSI MSI Releases Several High Powered Laptops During MSIology

Laptops For Gamers And Makers

The MSIology virtual event revealed several new laptops which can be used for gaming as well as heavy lifting for professionals who need serious processing power to do their jobs.  The laptops will have the newest mobile NVIDIA GPUs up to and including the RTX 3080, possibly offering the only way to get your hands on one without a very long wait.  They feature Intel processors such as the Core i7-10870H, with Core-i9 models soon to be available for preorder as well.  You will also find Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, able to operate in the 6 GHz band as well as more crowded frequencies as well.


MSI Raider

The MSI GE Raider Series gets new artwork on the outside, Tiamat graces the shell of the GE76 and GE66 Raider gaming laptops.  Inside you can customize your GPU and CPU, up to and including an RTX 3080 and Core-i9 processor from Intel.  In order to keep this dragon from breathing fire MSI have included their Cooler Boost 5 technology, with six heat pipes and two fans to move heat quickly and ensure your machine doesn’t end up throttling performance in self defence.

They also announced the GS66 Stealth, with a 300Hz IPS display and support for True Color 3.0.  It also contains what is described as “the highest-capacity battery in a laptop.”  Instead of Cooler Boost, the Stealth uses a Cooler Boost Trinity+ system, with 0.1mm sharp-edged blades that should be both quiet and effective.

MSI Leopard

Next up are the GP66 and GP76 Leopard laptops, which are capable of changing their spots by working hard during the day and then offering serious gaming power at night.   As with the previous models they will have up to an RTX 3080 and current generation Intel Core i7 CPU.  As opposed to focusing on thin and light, MSI’s Leopards offer a large array of ports to ensure you are able to connect to and communicate with the large array of peripherals and equipment an engineer or other professional might encounter during their workday.  It will also be able to send out a proper signal to an 8k display for when you sit down and need to look at small details in a large project.

Stealth 15M

If size and weight is your concern, the Stealth 15M is the model for you to take a look at.  Weighting a mere 3.75lbs and measuring 0.63in thick it is amazingly tiny for what it is capable of.  You can choose from several NVIDIA RTX GPUs and the processor is one of Intel’s 11th Gen Intel H-Series processors.

You could also choose the slightly larger and more powerful GF75 or 65 Thin, and enjoy the 144Hz IPS display powered by an RTX 3000 family GPU paired with an Intel Core i7 processor.

Last up was the MSI Creator 15 for the graphical artist who will appreciate the 4K True Pixel panel which arrives already calibrated by Calman and a offers 100% AdobeRGB color gamut coverage.  As with the other new laptops, you will find a mobile RTX 3000 series GPU and an Intel CPU inside.  If you are creating on the run, even those components will take a bit to drain the 99.9Whr battery inside.

Almost all of these models are available for preorder on Newegg, with delivery expected in the first week of February.  Of course you should keep in mind that the same shortages preventing you from picking up a new GPU for your desktop may also impact the availability of these new MSI laptops.

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