Palit RTX 3090 GameRock Around The Clock

Source: Kitguru Palit RTX 3090 GameRock Around The Clock

24 Pins Of Power And A Lot Of Bling

There is more to Palit’s RTX 3090 GameRock than just the brushed aluminium back plate and plastic RGB diffusers on the top of the card.  The card has two BIOSes which do a bit more than change how the fans operate, the silent mode aims to produce 390W while the Performance mode is smoking along at a target of 420W, hence the three 8-pin power connectors.

The dual BIOS also have an effect on clock frequencies, when Kitguru ran through Time Spy they saw the Silent mode hitting around 1866MHz and 1925MHz when they set the card to Performance.  There was not quite as much difference in thermals, with Performance producing 75C, 73C for the Silent mode.

If you decide to manually overclock, you can boost the power consumption up to 50W and if your card is similar to the review unit you can expect to add around 60MHz to the GPU core and 900MHz to the memory.  Overall the card is decent but not stellar, there are faster card as well as cards that run more quietly.  The cooler is effective, though again not top of class but on the other hand it is pretty and full RGBs.

The fact RTX 3090s are so expensive also means there is actually some stock – if you are prepared to shell out £1889 for the Palit RTX 3090 GameRock OC we are looking at today.

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  1. Operandi

    F that thing. Matte black everything as Marques would say.

    Also, nothing needs 3 8 pin power connectors unless you are putting it under LN2.


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