PC Perspective Podcast #609 – 2020 Wrap-Up Show, MiniPCs, Rage Mode, “Top” stories!

Welcome to the oversized year end podcast where we bid 2020 a buh-bye.  Please welcome special guests Jim Tanous and Kent Burgess as well!  In fact, this is our Christmas special and New Years show all action packed into one show.  We even dressed up, and the lumberjack’d flannel worn by the in-imitable JT was simply stunning.  Later the Festivus Airing of Grievances happened, a magical almost 3 hours in uncut raw form.

It’s the “top” stories of the year, sprinkled with a few other newsy topics of the week such as using Chkdsk on SSDs, mini PCs (including our review of the Azulle Byte4), 6800XT Rage Mode discussion, Intel could be pressured to use external fabs and our review of the Imovr standing desk + so much more.

Remember those stories from early in the year that woke you or made you mad?  Like the 5600XT firmware situation, PCIe 4.0 on 400 series boards, Capacitor gate, speculative execution bugs, Google dropping products and finishing up with the obvious supply chain problems around – well – pretty much everything.

Josh still talks about food.

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Thanks everyone, looking forward to 2021.

Show Topics

  • 00:16 Intro
  • 02:28 Josh Burger/Wind Update
  • 04:53 Vulkan Ray Tracing (and Quake II RTX)
  • 17:49 Checking In On CyberPunk 2077
  • 33:46 Josh WALKS OFF THE SHOW (to get beer)
  • 35:01 Quantum Random Numbers For Better Encryption
  • 39:47 The Solar Winds Hack
  • 48:09 The Hardware Unboxed NVIDIA Controversy
  • 1:02:20 A Bad Microcenter Product??
  • 1:07:16 Podcast Sponsor #2: RemoteHQ
  • 1:09:03 XPG Joins the PCIe 4.0 Crowd
  • 1:12:47 WD Blue SN550 NVME Review
  • 1:24:01 Sapphire NITRO+ RX 6800 Review
  • 1:35:00 Sebastian’s Bookshelf
  • 1:36:07 Picks of the Week
  • 1:47:05 Outro
  • 1:48:01 BONUS Outtake (Don’t Slap the Mic!!!)
Picks of the Week

Video News

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