Podcast #613 – AMD Earned great $$ but So did Scalpers! RTX 30 Series Laptops, Plex Arcade, and MS needs your $ – Plus More!

Welcome to Wednesday, and we are all so thankful it only happens once each week! Thanks for sharing it with us, where we talk about the latest tech news we found interesting enough to … well, talk about.

AMD did really well in $$ for 2020, but so did the Zen 3 scalper market! RTX 30 laptops are coming, but what’s really going to be inside? It varies. Plex has an officially gaming subscription, but probably don’t buy it. Microsoft has a gaming subscription with Live also, and wanted you to pay more for it! Finally check out were we review the reviewer on the latest DIY DROP keyboard, the Carina.

Josh does the burger thing, and details that the show is basically all “Meat and Tail” tonight. He’s probably right.

We would welcome your support of the show, our live performance art if you will. Please consider helping us out over at our Patreon if you are able. You folks help keep this crazy art form alive so thanks!

Finally we would like to thank our sponsor of the show this evening, TextExpander! Have your entire staff on the same page with TextExpander and get 20% off your first year with our link here!

Show Topics

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:11 Josh’s Burger of the Week
  • 04:57 AMD’s Record Revenue
  • 16:23 Intel’s First Discrete Xe GPU Only in Specific Prebuilt Systems
  • 18:28 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Laptops Arrive
  • 27:46 Plex Arcade
  • 31:58 Ad Break: TextExpander
  • 32:59 Skyblivion and Skywind
  • 36:16 AMD Zen 3 Scalping Market Analysis
  • 43:32 Microsoft Reverses XBox Live Price Hike
  • 46:57 Drop Carina Keyboard Kit Review
  • 52:10 Picks of the Week
  • 57:33 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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