PNY’s Powerless Petite Port Provider, A Dock Without A Power Brick

Source: Kitguru PNY’s Powerless Petite Port Provider, A Dock Without A Power Brick

A Properly Portable Dock, No Power Bar!

Docking stations are great, especially when your laptop chose to emphasize a slim profile over peripheral support.  The trouble is that they’ve become less portable over time, thanks to the need to have a power brick roughly the same size and weight as the dock itself.  This is fine when it lives on your desk and doesn’t travel with you, but for the road warrior this is something of an issue.

PNY have released an all in one dock without a power brick, instead it is powered by the USB-C connection to your laptop.  This could have a bit of an impact on your battery life if you are using it to recharge numerous devices, so keep that in mind if you are unable to plug in to mains power.

The 160g dock offers you two USB-C ports for data and charging, two older USB 3.1 ports, both HDMI and VGA, a network plug and even an SD and microSD slot.  There is a catch though, that HDMI is only 1.2, which is honestly getting a bit old for a relatively new device and may not satisfy some users.  On the plus side it will also work with Thunderbolt 3 ports as well, though with a reduction in speed as USB 3.1’s speed limit is a wee bit lower than TB3.

Check out the full review that Kitguru posted right here.

Luckily there’s ways around that with docking stations but often they’re big, clunky and sometimes even require dedicated power supplies. None of that’s the case here though, as today we’re checking out the All-in-One USB-C Dock from PNY!

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