SATA Is Still Here, Samsung’s 870 EVO 1TB Up For Review

Source: Kitguru SATA Is Still Here, Samsung’s 870 EVO 1TB Up For Review

Low Power And Low Cost SSDs Are Still Attractive For Some

SATA is not dead, as Sebastian knows for he is currently working on a review of Samsung’s new 870 EVO SATA SSD.  If you can’t handle the anticipation and need to know just how the replacement to the aging 860 EVO performs then you can pop over to KitGuru for a look at their results.  The internals will give you some idea what to expect, the flash is 136 layer TLC with a 1GB LPDDR4 cache on the 1TB model and it uses the eight channel Samsung MKX controller.

If you look at the PR, the drive should be capable of 560MB/s reads, 530MB/s for writes with testing falling just a bit short of that in most tests, around 525MB/s and a bit over 500MB/s respectively.  The IOPS at a queue depth of 32 offer similar results, advertised at 98,000 IOPS read 88,000 IOPS write and measured at 94,003 IOPS for reads and 84,058 IOPS for writes.

In the comparative performance charts this means it mostly competes against Samsung’s own 860 Pro and Evo SSDs, interestingly it loses out to to those models in many tests.   For the security minded, Samsung has ensured the drive offers full support for AES 256-bit, TCG/Opal V2.0 and IEEE1667 encryption protocols.  The five year warranty is also a point in it’s favour.

The latest drive to join Samsung’s 2.5in SSD series is the SSD 870 EVO, which uses the lastest in-house sixth-generation V-NAND. We review the 1TB model, with a UK MSRP of £135.49 – is it worth the cash?

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