Sharkoon Light² 100, Heftier But Less Expensive

Source: TechPowerUp Sharkoon Light² 100, Heftier But Less Expensive

A Nice Set Of Features For $25

The Sharkoon Light² 100 is very similar to their Light² 200 model, but sporting a solid shell instead of one full of holes and with a slightly less impressive PixArt PMW3325 sensor.  Those are the only changes to the mouse to bring the cost down, it still sports six Omron buttons, weighs well under 100g and is thoroughly RGB’d.

The Pixart sensor that Sharkoon went with might disappoint some gamers, offering a CPI ranging from 200 to 5000 which will satisfy anyone working on a desktop but might not fare well in a fast paced FPS.  The software suite is almost identical to the 200 model, you can reprogram your buttons and control the three lighting zones easily.

Unfortunately the testing TechPowerUp did revealed that there is something odd about the implementation of PixArt’s PMW3325 sensor on the Sharkoon Light² 100.  While it usually works well, in this mouse the higher you set the CPI the more errors start occurring; not that the mouse stops working, instead you will find the pointer’s motion increasingly deviate from your actions.  If you don’t tend to set your mouse higher than ~800 CPI it will be just fine but if you prefer higher you may want to give this particular mouse a miss.

The Sharkoon Light² 100 is the budget version of the Light² 200. Sporting the same shape, PixArt's PMW3325 sensor, and a weight of 78 g, the Light² 100 at just $24.99 only costs half as much as the Light² 200.

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