Testing The Phanteks Glacier One 240 MP

Source: Modders-Inc Testing The Phanteks Glacier One 240 MP

A Nice Mix Of Price And Performance

Phanteks’ Glacier One 240 MP is a worthy choice for someone looking for an easy to install AiO watercooler that needs minimal maintenance, not least of all because it sports a six year warranty.  The Glacier One 240 MP will fit any modern processor, up to and including Threadrippers with the included adapter and at 272 x 12 x 27mm (LxWxH) it will fit most cases which can handle a 240mm radiator.  The 120 fans are a nice highlight, white blades add a bit of flair without needing RGBs and the pump is from Asetek.

Modders-Inc tested the cooler on an Intel Core i7 9700K at both stock speeds and a 5.2GHz overclock in their open test bench.  That decent overclock did not stress the Glacier One 240 MP overly, temperatures under normal load sat in the mid 50C while using a stress test designed to emulate a worst case scenario it remained stable at 83C. 

The noise produced from these tests “from the fans and the pump is barely noticeable at lower RPM.“, a little louder under full load while overclocked but not if you remain at stock frequencies.  It runs you around $140 to pick up, and don’t fear about your glowing lights, while the fans are RGB-free the cold plate features an aRGB Infinity Mirror to satisfy your needs.

Throwing together a computer for kids or maybe a gaming pc for a friend? No matter what you are planning to build you should always keep in mind CPU cooling. Air coolers work very well however, liquid coolers offer better cooling overall so, you might want to consider an All In One cooling system or a custom water-cooling loop.

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