Thermaltake Announces ITX Tower 100

Thermaltake Announces ITX Tower 100

The Vertical ITX Tower 100

This is Thermaltake’s first attempt at a mini ITX tower case, and they displayed this at their virtual CES 2021 booth. And like many Thermaltake cases, it is sizably proportioned? Well, for an ITX case, there appears to be a generous amount of room to maneuver in order to make building a well ventilated and great looking show piece PC. They seemed to have combined plenty of glass with just the right amount of airflow for both high thermal performance, and maximum appearances.

I am personally a big fan of the ITX form factor, and I look forward to being able to personally try this one out soon.

"There is a trend among hardcore gamers who are choosing smaller cases for their high-performance computer builds. It was a major challenge to transform a full tower case like Tower 900 into an ITX form-factor. Still, the chassis was well-configured for space utilization, expandability, and cooling while also providing an eye-catching appearance. The thermal control is a top priority with such a tiny chassis. Tower 100 is a new benchmark for real ITX high-end gaming systems!" - Kenny Lin, CEO Thermaltake
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Modular Designs

Seems like Thermaltake is taking their new “Game with your TT Mod” statement to heart with the way they have put together their new Tower 100. All the panels are removable from the frame, allowing for easier customization or maintenance. They have cover plates for cable runs, modular cut outs for large GPUs and fully grommet’d wiring pass-thrus. There is radiator mounting for 120mm and room for CPU coolers up to 190mm in height.

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The chassis itself is 18.2 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches and will be available in both black or white at the end of January. The cooling system draws from the bottom and exhausts from the top and back via 120mm fans. Storage accommodates 2 drives or 4 by removing the rear fan. Finally, TT powers the chassis using the ATX PSU form factor, so that could be helpful for some builds as SFX sized high quality power supplies are usually more expensive.

The exclusive first look was given to Kit Guru, but we are looking forward to building in it ourselves to gain first hand experience.

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