Thermaltake Introduces ARGENT Gaming Peripherals

Source: ThermalTake Thermaltake Introduces ARGENT Gaming Peripherals

Thermaltake Argent Series, From Headsets To Desks

Thermaltake is going beyond making your system and peripherals look fancy to furnishing your computer room with the new Argent series.  You will soon be able to pick up the ARGENT Gaming Desk and ARGENT E700 Gaming Chair to add to your room, and can accessorize with the DS 100 Desk Cooler, HS1 RGB headset stand, MP1 RGB Mouse Pad and MB1 Mouse Bungee.

The DS100 is 500mm length, 107mm width, 82mm tall desk cooler with 6 ARGB LEDs and four 70mm fans to help you keep your cool during intense gaming sessions, and yes it is indeed a real product.  The MP1 RGB mouse pad has an aluminium base and is completely RGB’d to allow it to shine all over that brand new gaming desk, and will match perfectly with the light show emanating from both your B1 RGB Mouse Bungee and HS1 RGB Headset Stand.

Once you’ve picked up some dark sunglasses to be able to enter your newly furnished room you can strap on your new ARGENT H5 RGB Surround Gaming Headset with 50mm neodymium drivers and enable the DTS Headphone:X v2.0 virtual surround sound to give your PC a bright sound.  Grab the ARGENT M5 Wireless RGB Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse with the new Pixart PMW-3335 optical sensor, which can be connected via a wire, Bluetooth 5.0 or 2.4GHz wireless.

Your keyboard will also add to the healthy glow coming from your computer room, the new K5 RGB Gaming Keyboard built with aluminium and titanium and housing Cherry MX Speed Silver and MX Blue switches.  You will find an assortment of media keys in the upper right and even a physical volume knob that extends beyond the side to allow you to easily adjust your sound levels. 

All of these ARGENT products are controllable with Thermaltake’s RGB PLUS software, so you can sync every single one of these devices into a synchronized light show seldom seen outside of a glam rock concert.  If you are hooked on the RGBs and want to see just what you can do with those 16.8 million shades of coloured light you need to check this stuff out.

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  1. Operandi

    About that keyboard…

    I hope Thermaltake have taken steps in their design to isolate the aluminum and titanium components. If not galvanic corrosion between the dissimilar materials could partially (maybe?) compromise the usability of this keyboard in 10-15 years outside humidity controlled environment, cut that time frame in half if you game in a rain forest. Just think about it…..

    Also, I read the technical material compatibility white paper so I’m almost certainly right about all of this.

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      I wish we lived in a society which still expected and were provided with things not designed to die in a few short years.


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