Bitspower Wants To Pump You Up With The D5 Vario

Source: TechPowerUp Bitspower Wants To Pump You Up With The D5 Vario

A Peek At DIY Watercooling

All in one watercoolers are easy to install when compared to building your own custom loop however watercooling enthusiasts will argue that there is a clear difference in performance.  Learning enough about the parts which compose a custom loop is rather important, learning the hard way is not recommended when you are working with conductive liquids inside your PC which is why it is good to see the occasional review of the parts which comprise an effective and safe custom cooling loop.

TechPowerUp have posted such a review, examining the specifics and performance of the Bitspower D5 Vario pump.  This might not be their newest pump but it is available and at the moment that makes it worth a look.   Vario pumps offer adjustable RPMs via a dial on the outside of the pump, this model is capable of being adjusted from 1800 to 4800 RPM.  The pump can move up to 3 gallons per minute or 681 litres per hour if you prefer, with a maximum rated head of 4 metres or 13′ which gives you enough power to include several components in your loop if you so desire.

On the testbed the pump didn’t win prizes for performance as this particular model was in the middle of the pack, other similar models were able to produce better results and at a better price in many cases.  On the other hand the D5 Vario pump was found to be extremely reliable and it offers a variety of features to make maintaining your system much easier, which may be far more important for many customers.

You can get the full story here.

We take a look at the Bitspower D5 Vario pump today. A product that helped put the brand in many PC builds and minds, it is extremely well built and has a custom top and body mod kit. Compact and in a matte black finish, this pump aims to meld into your PC case, which doesn't mean it can't be the focal point if the right decisions are made.

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  1. psuedonymous

    “This might not be their newest pump”

    Understatement of the week: the good old Laing D5 is over 15 years old!


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