Epic Games Store Continues Their Love Of Exclusivity

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Epic Games Store Continues Their Love Of Exclusivity

Though In Some Cases Exclusive Just Means It Isn’t On Steam

If you are still miffed about the Epic Game Store being the one and only source for certain games you are not going to like their recent announcement.  In an interview they not only confirmed that they will continue with their habit of ensuring that they are the sole source of many games at launch, suggesting that there will be more exclusive releases in the coming two years than the sum of the games currently available on the store right now.

Games such as Darkest Dungeon 2, Kena: Bridge Of Spirits and Chivalry 2 will truly be exclusive to Epic for a while after launch; bad news for fans that have avoided adding yet another online portal account so far.  Others releases such as Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six Quarantine and other Ubisoft games will not truly be exclusive, as they will also be available on UPlay but not on Steam for the foreseeable future.

On the plus side they will continue to give away free games at the same pace that they have been currently, so signing up to the portal does have some benefits.

"We have more exclusives coming in the next two years than we have published to date," an Epic spokesperson told PC Gamer. They didn't get much more specific than that, but still, that's a helluva lot of games.

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  1. Ryan and Allyn were sitting in a tree

    the miffed: more EGS exclusive game deals? reeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also the miffed: i wonder what free game(s) they are giving out this week

    • BigTed

      Yup, haters gonna hate. So Epic are leveraging Fotnite to establish a game store. Erm, Half Life 2 anyone?

      • Aquatard

        This is much different than companies locking their own products to their own launchers – Half Life 2 was a Valve game. They did not throw cash at a third-party developer in order to limit consumer choice.

        • BigTed

          Valve forced the installation of Steam to play HL2. People blarted about that then, just as people are blarting about Epic now. It’s the circle of life.

  2. collie man

    I hate the EPIC portal, there are plenty of reasons to, I’m sure you’ve all had problems/annoyances with it, but that’s neither here nor there.

    What drives me truly crazy is the “Exclusivity war” going on in digital media right now and for the past few years. There is no attempt to create a better product, fix bugs, make more attractive GUIs, more user friendliness, options for personalization, more/better tools, higher security, cross platform, loyalty rewards…. NONE OF THAT! Instead the money is spent on forcing people onto the platform through exclusivity contracts and to a lesser extent, platform specific features/bonuses. There is nothing tryin to convince consumers to choose their store of choice, it’s “We’re the only one who’s got it, get it from us or don’t get it.” So much money and effort wasted on forcing us through the door instead of enticing us in. It’s the ONLY business model of the video streaming world, and more and more it’s the major strategy of the video game market. Steam seems to be the only place that works on it’s app and services while everyone else only try’s to “dethrone” them through legal loopholes and back-room deals. The DRM/store portals like Rockstar and Uplay are annoying enough but having all these poorly coded “Stores” on my rig creating all these annoyances and problems, all with their own vulnerabilities that they seem in no rush to address. And we all know, all this leads to is more and more pirating.

    Collie was obviously always going to buy Far Cry 6 pre-order, that’s just who Collie is. Collie wanted to pre-order on Steam, now Collie is being forced to go elsewhere. Collie NOT HAPPY!

    • collie man

      I mean FOR FUCK’S SAKE, the epic portal doesn’t even have a fps meter!

      • psuedonymous

        Why would a shop to buy games have an FPS meter?

        The Epic Store, like Steam, has one task and one task only: to take my money and deliver a game install onto my device. After that, it can f*** right off. No running the background, no overlays, no ‘badges’ or ‘tokens’ or whatever nonsense crap is in vogue this week. The Epic store accomplishes the task of turning cash into an installed application exactly as well as Steam.

      • Ryan and Allyn were sitting in a tree

        Your rant reeks of fanboyism, yawn, get back to us when you’re crying about an actual problem with EGS, not a feature you wish it had, a feature that literally does nothing.

  3. John Q Public

    Hey man if epic wants to set fire to a pile of cash, go for it.


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