Firefox Would Download A Cookie Jar, Lots Of Them Even!

Source: Slashdot Firefox Would Download A Cookie Jar, Lots Of Them Even!

For Every Website, A Separate Container

Your Firefox won’t look very different today but there has been a change behind the scenes which may please you.  In order to mitigate the privacy concerns which the continual evolution of cookies presents to netizens they have modified how the browser handles cookies of all types.  To prevent cookies from being used to track you across multiple sites they will segregate the cookies from a site into their own ‘cookie jar’, to prevent a different site from being able to access them.

It will be interesting to see how well this new security implementation works in the wild, as it does seem to be yet another band-aid slapped onto the continual concerns generated by cookies as well as the other tracking tools stalking us throughout the internet.  It will hopefully play well with various websites as well as with the network partitioning tool released in last month.

The update also comes with increased support for picture-in-picture viewing, so you can stream multiple videos at the same time, if that is something you enjoy doing.

According to Mozilla, these types of cookies are more difficult to delete and block as they are stored in obscure parts of the browser, including in Flash storage, ETags, and HSTS flags. Both tools are available as part of Firefox's enhanced tracking protection suite in "strict mode" on desktop and Android.

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