Flip Your Switch To Android 10, Just Don’t Tell Nintendo

Source: Slashdot Flip Your Switch To Android 10, Just Don’t Tell Nintendo

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Enterprising minds on the SwitchRoot team have taken the LineageOS 17.1 build developed for NVIDIA SHIELD TV and successfully modified it to run on a Nintendo Switch.  This will theoretically enable some to upgrade their Switch from Android 8.1 to 10 and benefit from faster general performance.  There are some tricks you will need to pull off to be able to install this unofficial OS, if you are so inclined.

The biggest requirement is an RCM-exploitable Nintendo Switch, which means you need to find one made before July 2018 when Nintendo patched the USB rescue mode exploit that enables you mod the device.  If you can get your hands on a Switch of that pedigree then finding a USB-C cable, and a high-speed FAT32 microSD card should be comparably easy. 

There are two different ROMs, one which works best if you are usually using your Switch undocked and one which works best for those that usually use it docked.  The Tablet build looks like a standard Android GUI and supports all the apps you would expect, while the Android TV build has more limited app support but is able to function either docked or undocked.

The process to upgrade your Switch can be found over at Slashdot.

The Android 10 release is based on the LineageOS 17.1 build for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV and brings many improvements over the previous release, including a much-needed deep sleep mode so the OS doesn't murder your console's battery life. It's also generally faster and more responsive than the previous Android 8.1 Oreo version, according to the SwitchRoot team.

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