Podcast #615 – Cyberpunked, Intel 11th gen, AMD FidelityFX, Epic Games, and HyperX Mic review + MOREx2!

What if I told you there were 615 PCPer podcast episodes? You’ll have to take my word for it because that’s what this one is numbered.

Start watching for the burger update, wade through the stream difficulties, and finish strong with the picks of the week. In between find our take on the news of the week! CD PR gets seriously punked, AMD FidelityFX had best have a catchy name to be successful, update your Chrome: Hurry!, Apple VR glasses are a perpetual rumor like their car, WD_ has got a Thunderbolt 3 fast storage dock (it does not output video on it’s own – FYI), Epic games continues with their exclusiveness, and we have a nicely photographed review of the podcast favorite HyperX Quadcast S. Light up your desk.

We would welcome your support of the show, our live performance art if you will. Please consider helping us out over at our Patreon if you are able. You folks help keep this crazy art form alive and spinning around, so thank you very much!

Breaking the realm of believability, tonight we have two sponsors:
RemoteHQ! Check out their remote working environment, use our code “PCPER” and get 3 months free!
ExpressVPN! Use our link to get 3 months free with your subscription!

Show Topics

00:00 Intro
02:23 Burger of the Week
04:35 Intel 11th Gen CPUs Not Comptible with B460 or H410
12:13 The WD_BLACK D50 Game Dock
18:43 Have You Patched Your Chromium Yet?
20:30 AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is AMD’s DLSS Competitor Part 1
22:15 Interruption – Totally Relevant Intel SX Processor Talk
23:59 AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is AMD’s DLSS Competitor Part 2
28:02 Ad Break 1: RemoteHQ
29:26 More Epic Game Store Exclusivity
32:08 Apple VR Glasses – Rumor and Speculation
35:56 Running Android 10 On Nintendo Switch
37:48 Ad Break 2: ExpressVPN
39:11 CD Project Red Gets Cyberpunked
42:09 HyperX QuadCast S Mic Review
48:23 Picks of the Week
1:00:09 Outro

Picks of the Week

Video News

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