ROCCAT Burst Core; It’s A Mouse, Not Bad Rocket Science

Source: TechPowerUp ROCCAT Burst Core; It’s A Mouse, Not Bad Rocket Science

Meet The PixArt PMW3331

The ROCCAT Burst Core is a less expensive version of the Burst Pro and has many of the same features, just less expensive hardware.  The sensor has been switched from PixArt’s PMW3389 to the PMW3331 which caps out at 8500 CPI, still accurate enough for the vast majority of us.  The rubber feet are a little more basic than the Pro as is the rubber cord and they’ve limited the RGBs to the mouse wheel.  They did retain the optical switches and the weight and overall size are similar to the Pro.

The software is the same ROCCAT Swarm suite as usual, allowing use of the shift button for extra input options as well as macro programming.  Overall for the $30 it costs to pick up, this mouse stands above the competition and is highly recommended by TechPowerUp.

The Roccat Burst Core differs from the Burst Pro in four main aspects: the sensor, which is PixArt's PMW3331, the cable, which is stiffer and rubber, the RGB lighting, which only includes the scroll wheel, and the price, which is just $29.99.

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