Samsung’s Fancy New ISOCELL GN2 Camera Sensor

Source: The Register Samsung’s Fancy New ISOCELL GN2 Camera Sensor

My, What Big Pixels You Have

Samsung has some good news for phone photographers, with the announcement of the new ISOCELL GN2 camera sensor which will appear in at least some of their next generation of smartphones.  They may have finally decided to move away from the easily advertised pixel count to using larger pixels, which will have a wondrous effect on picture quality.

In general, people love higher numbers and so advertising a 24MP camera will end up with more sales than an 12MP camera.  This will also lead to disappointed consumers, who can’t figure out why the pictures they take are not as good as their friend with a lower pixel count camera.  This is because pixel size is more important for picture quality than pixel count, unless you have an old 5MP camera of course.  Samsung’s ISOCELL GN2 sensor will sport pixels that are 1.4 microns in size.

It will also support combining multiple pixels into a single unit with 2.8-micron virtual pixels at the cost of dropping resolution to 12.5MP.  The GN2 will still have an impressive 50MP, well still reducing power consumption which is no mean feat.  Samsung also claims the GN2 will be able to film full HD at 480fps, and 4K at 120FPS.

The Register offers more details here.

Samsung today announced its latest smartphone sensor tech, the ISOCELL GN2. Already in production, this image sensor promises improved low-light performance over its predecessors, despite supporting a high (50MP) megapixel count

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