Cooler Master Thinks Small With The MasterBox NR200

Source: Hardware Asylum Cooler Master Thinks Small With The MasterBox NR200

Not Just Mini ITX, But Mini DTX Too

If you are looking for a tiny case to house a good looking system, with an SFX PSU and vertically mounted GPU shown off through a tempered glass window then this review of CoolerMaster’s MasterBox NR200 is worth your attention.  It measures a mere 360 x 185 x 274mm (14.2 x 7.3 x 10.8″) which does limit the components you can install, and why they provide a vertical installation option for GPUs larger than a single slot.  That does reduce the maximum height for your CPU cooler from 155mm to 76mm, so careful planning is recommended.

The compact size still allows for good cooling, the single 120mm and 92mm fans installed out of the box can be upgraded in a variety of ways.  If you prefer air cooling another 120mm fan can be added at top, and two at the bottom, as the case is cooled vertically.  There is mention of support for two 120/140mm fans on the side, you will need a to install them bracket as well as swapping that tempered glass side panel for a metal one with a mesh pattern.  There are also a number of watercooling options depending on your configuration choices, with up to a 280mm on the aforementioned side panel bracket.

If there is one Achilles heel, it is the lack of cable management options as there wasn’t enough room to include channels to run them in.  Hardware Asylum suggests investing in sleeved cables if you want to try to hide the wiring.

These days it takes quite a bit to impress me when it comes to computer cases and while most are still decorated boxes there is some true innovation out there, you just have to find it. The Cooler Master MasterBox NR200 is great case due to its small form factor size, great build quality and multiple build options.

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  1. collie man


  2. collie man

    2 things, in the second paragraph “…the single 120mm and 92mm installed ….” I think you forgot a word. Probably “Fans” but I duno, you do you man, you do you.

    Other than that it seriously blows my mind just how much power you can pack in that tiny case in 2021. I think we all expected tech to miniaturize with time, but 20 years ago I (and many others) assumed that the entire x86 acritecure would hit a point of theoretical max-utilization and be replace with a far advanced new concept in computer technology, and instead here we are, watching them push processor etching to places once though impossible and component efficiency to places once unimaginable making it possible to put an insane amount of compute power in a tiny little box that you could fit 2-3 of in a place smaller than a bread box. Long story short, I am WAY TOO DRUNK for 8am, but ya know, covid changes everthing.

    Also I was going to say “My Granmothers bread box”…. but that is just ….. wrong ya know?

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      yup, fans was missing but is there now.

      Honestly, I am pretty sure the old breadbox we used when I was younger was bigger.


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