Corsair Makes A Splash With The MP600 Pro Hydro X 2TB M.2 Drive

Source: Kitguru Corsair Makes A Splash With The MP600 Pro Hydro X 2TB M.2 Drive

Yes, They Watercooled A Gumstick

Are you worried that your flash is getting too warm while you write dozens of gigabytes of data to it all day every day?  Corsair have designed an SSD just for you then, the MP600 Pro Hydro X.  It is a PCIe 4.0 M.2 drive which uses Phison’s E18 controller and 96-layer TLC NAND, with the ability to hook into a custom cooling loop.

This will present some challenges, and not just due to the tiny size of the XM2 water block on the drive.  You will likely not be able to use just any M.2 port on your motherboard, as it will take some effort to fit it into the usual location of the primary port just under your first PCIe 16x slot, nor will you likely be able to install it on the back.  However if you do get it installed you will see your drives temperatures drop by 20C, if you do indeed put enough load on it to require cooling.

Kitguru takes you through the specifics of the drive and the installation process in their review, if the idea of having a watercooled SSD appeals to you.  Otherwise you can proceed straight from Sebastian’s review of the Samsung 980 drive to the ones found below.

Those two reviews make ideal background reading for this review of the Corsair 2TB MP600 Pro Hydro X as it has a great deal in common with the Sabrent Rocket 4, including the Phison E18 controller and the use of 96-layer TLC NAND storage. The big difference is the Hydro X cooling block, which means this SSD is ready to be plumbed into your custom loop cooling system.

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  1. Nathan

    Isn’t active cooling for SSDs a terrible idea?


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