GeForce Now Costs More Money

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There Is A New Tier To Go With Your Tears

For those that haven’t kept their original GeForce Now account full paid up and those that are considering trying out NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service, you should be aware the cost just doubled.  It will now cost you $9.99 US per month to try or to maintain a month to month subscription, no longer is it a mere $4.99.  If you did happen to have a subscription then you are now a Founder and as long as you stay paid up you will continue to pay the original six month fee you do now.   The free membership remains as well, allowing you to play up to an hour when there is extra space on NVIDIA’s servers.

The original subscription has been replaced with a Priority membership, for $100 a year you get priority access to NVIDIA’s servers without that one hour limit and your games will offer ray tracing and DLSS.  The new price comes with some upgrades to the infrastructure as well, with servers being added in Phoenix, Arizona, and Montreal to reduce wait times.  GeForce Now is also spreading to more countries, with support for local languages, better latency and pricing in local currency.

No one likes to see their monthly costs increase but NVIDIA does actually have a fairly solid argument for doing this.  So far GeForce Now is the only successful large cloud gaming service, even the likes of of Google couldn’t find a way to make their service effective enough to be attractive to consumers let alone the others which have come and gone over the year.  We shall see if the extra price drives people away or if it improves the service enough to keep existing customers and attracting new ones.


Priority membership, meanwhile, lets you play for an 'extended session', get priority access to the servers, and get the benefit of Nvidia's RTX effects, including ray tracing and DLSS in supported games.

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