Grab Your Bell Bottoms, Disco Elysium Final Cut Was Just Released

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Grab Your Bell Bottoms, Disco Elysium Final Cut Was Just Released

It’s An Acquired Taste, Thus Aptly Named

Disco Elysium is unabashedly weird, starting with a character creation process which seems incredibly daunting at first but proves to be one of the better systems out there for creating something unique, not to mention making it a very replayable game.  Once you’ve created your persona, that first glimpse in the mirror will give you a bit of pause, as there is already some problems you will need to figure out how to deal with, or to just roll with.

Choices made in dialogue really do change this game, and your character, often in very unforeseen ways.  How you have reacted in the past will change what you are able to say in dialogue and can trigger internal dialogues which impact you even more; delve too deep into your subconscious and you might just find yourself at the starting screen again.  Your skills also change how the game works, higher points will make you much more effective at certain things but there is a drawback.  If a skill gets very high it will start having effects on how you perceive the world around you and directly effects your choices.

The Final Cut has just dropped, with vastly expanded voiced dialogue and new quests.  Your political leanings can also trigger new events, each rather unique according to Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN.   You will find new characters to interact with and all new outfits of course.  Owners of Disco Elysium get the Final Cut for free and current save games will be compatible, though it is recommended you start anew to make sure you don’t miss any of the new content.

… and here I just got my plastic bag for empties.

Fascinating detective RPG Disco Elysium today becomes bigger and fancier with its Final Cut, released as a free update. The Final Cut adds voice acting (one million spoken words, they claim) as well as new quests and heaps more newness. A fine time to return to Revachol.

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