Intel Introduces SSD 670p Series: QLC Drives For Everyday Computing

Source: Intel Intel Introduces SSD 670p Series: QLC Drives For Everyday Computing

Intel’s latest consumer SSD product is the 670p Series, a 144-layer QLC-based client SSD product in capacities ranging from 512GB to 2TB. These will be targeting mainstream performance levels, though Intel is claiming significant performance improvements over their earlier QLC efforts, with up to 2x sequential read speeds.

The drives are of the PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe variety, with sequentials rated up to 3,500 MB/s read, 2,700 MB/s write, and 4K random IOPS of up to 310K/340K read/write.

Intel SSD 670p Key Specs Slide

With up to 2TB capacity on a single drive, the Intel SSD 670p offers great value for everyday computing, optimized productivity and mainstream gaming. The thin M.2 80mm form factor is powered by Intel’s innovative QLC technology and perfect for notebooks, desktops and mobile devices.

The Intel SSD 670p includes the latest QLC technology with numerous performance improvements, including nearly 2x sequential read and a 20% endurance improvement compared to the previous gen Intel QLC 3D NAND SSD. Now, a capacity-optimized SSD with NVMe (or PCIe) performance offers the right balance for everyday computing needs.

While improved performance is expected with any new product generation, the question in the 2020/2021 hardware era is generally one of pricing and availability. Here storage has not been affected like CPUs and GPUs, though we aren’t in the 10 cents/GB level of the 660p here – even with the current discounts:

Intel SSD 670p Newegg Pricing

There are reviews for the new SSD 670p online from the usual places, such as StorageReview and AnandTech, where its pricing is the primary concern.

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  1. StressedOutCat

    Didn’t Intel sell its NAND division to SK Hynix?
    How come they making new products?
    Someone contact that Alvin Multivino guy from intel.. he has some explaining to do! 😊


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