Let’s See What DDR4-5000 Offers Your System

Source: TechPowerUp Let’s See What DDR4-5000 Offers Your System

The XPG SPECTRIX D50 Xtreme 16GB Kit

If you have a system which can handle DDR4-5000, which neither TechPowerUp’s MSI MEG Z490 GODLIKE nor MSI MEG X570 ACE could, then you might be keeping an eye out for high frequency memory.   Take note of those boards, they are not exactly low end but the memory controllers were limited at DDR4-4800 @ 19-28-28-46​, so you might want to do some research to see which boards and DIMMs the extreme overclockers are using.

The Intel Core i9-10900K saw much better performance than the Ryzen 5 5600X in synthetic benchmarks, but once TPU started testing games the performance evened out, with the two platforms separated by 3fps or less.  This should also give you a hint as to how much CPU you actually need if all you do is game.  As neither system could hit the DDR4-5000 XMP settings the overclocking section was a bit different, and only applicable to the AMD system.  In that case, they lowered the frequency to DDR4-3600 and used the Ryzen memory calculator to tighten the timings which had a positive effect on memory latency in AIDA64.

This kit is going to be a better addition to an Intel system as there is little point on spending ~US$850 on a DDR4-3600 kit with tight timings, as you can get that for your Ryzen system at a much lower price.


Maintaining a balance between functional thermal design and flashy RGB aesthetics, the XPG SPECTRIX D50 Xtreme offers an alternative to the RGB spectacle of the SPECTRIX D60G. With speeds of up to 5000 MHz, let’s see if the XPG SPECTRIX D50 Xtreme lives up to its name!

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