Podcast #619 – Intel 11700K preview, Samsung 980 & Thermaltake View 51 reviews, bye iMac Pro, Cool Corsair + MORE!

Warning: There is definitely some early cat butt in this show. And birthday wishes. But not at the same time.

Also, thank you Kent for joining us this evening to discuss his review of the Thermaltake View 51 and pepper the show the uncommon sense!

Other topics include the early reviews for the 11700k, Microsoft finishes buying Bethesda, the Solarwinds hack is worse and funnier in a way, and the RTX 3070 is without a label of distinction at 80 watts, 105 or desktop power! Enjoy that! So Join us this time for a spirited, meandering look at the week in personal computer news. It’s A long and winding road and kicks off with various musical accompaniments, that leads to Josh’s door. And burgers. There will be burgers.

We would welcome your support of the show – to keep everything moving around here, it’s our live performance art if you will. Please consider helping us out over at our Patreon if you are able. You folks help keep this crazy art form alive and spinning around, so thank you very much! (and you know who you are already!

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Show Topics

00:00 Intro
02:38 Josh’s Burger of the Week
06:10 Surface May Get More Ryzen Options
09:10 Microsoft Bethesda Acquisition Now Offical
10:49 AnandTech Reviews Intel’s Unreleased Core i7-11700K
41:32 Solarwinds Keeps Getting Worse
45:00 When a 3070 Isn’t a 3070 (or a 3070)
49:46 Ad Break: ExpressVPN
51:29 Corsair’s Liquid Cooled SSD
59:45 Fooling AI with Pen and Paper
1:02:35 Apple Discontinues iMac Pro
1:06:12 OVHcloud Fire
1:07:45 Samsung 980 SSD Review
1:13:37 Hardware Availability Woes Continue
1:17:30 Kent’s Thermaltake View 51 TG ARGB Review
1:31:08 Picks of the Week
1:43:07 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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