Podcast #621 – XFX 6700xt MERC319, Corsair Fans, MS buying Discord, Intel starts ticking again + More!

Probably our last launch review for the AIB 6700 XT’s, take a look at the XFX 6700 XT MERC319 review if you have not seen it already. But wait, there’s plenty more in this episode of tech extravaganza!

There’s Josh’s special Fryday, Intel looks to be coming out the corner swinging with a new fab and tick/tock again, Nintendo might be making a handheld with DLSS someday, and what’s up for gaming in 2021? Patriot goes full Supersonic Rage Pro mode with USB storage (now with UASP! heh), OVH has barely stopped being on fire, and Microsoft might buy Discord. Who’s happy with Skype now, right? Corsair making the RGB fans spin around (and you are indeed free to un-like the RGBs), and not to be left out the Zadak Spark brings RGB to the M.2 slot that also seems to be 1tb of storage – I guess. Does DDR4 5000 actually work? Check out the full show for way more!

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Show Topics

00:00 Intro
01:18 Burger of the Week (FryDay Edition)
04:40 XFX RX 6700 XT MERC319 Review
13:18 Gaming in 2021 – What’s Coming?
19:51 Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2
23:17 Intel Unleashed Event
32:50 Nintendo Switch Pro 4K DLSS Rumors
37:44 Microsoft May Buy Discord For Over $10 Billion
45:47 Ad Break: ExpressVPN
47:30 GeForce Now Costs More
51:39 IceSLEET X7 Dual is a Big Aqua Air Cooler
57:45 DDR4-5000 RAM Somehow Not Universally Compatible
1:04:34 Patriot Supersonic Rage Pro Thumb Drives: Brett Learns About UASP in 2021
1:07:28 Zadak Spark – An RGB Device That Doubles as a 1TB SSD
1:13:36 OVH Data Center Woes Continue
1:16:02 Brett Reviews Corsair SP120 and SP140 RGB Elite Fans
1:21:53 Picks of the Week
1:29:36 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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