Pump Up The Volume By Stacking Transparent OLEDs

Source: Hackaday Pump Up The Volume By Stacking Transparent OLEDs

The Volumetric OLEDs Are Great, So Is The Video

Hackaday posted a very neat little homebrew 3D-ish display, built using a stack of ten transparent OLEDs and a Feather M4 board.  This is a different spin on making a volumetric 3D display, as most of the projects we have seen involve a 3D LED matrix or a display on a spinning rotor.   In this project ten Crystalfontz 128×56 transparent OLEDs are placed on in front of another, giving a look reminiscent of many 80’s and 90’s Sci-Fi flicks.

As mentioned, the transparent OLEDs are connected to a Feather M4 board, while an MPU-6050 IMU handles motion input, with everything housed in a printed casing.  The video doesn’t describe the build in detail but does give you some insight into how to put together your own solid state 3D display.  Even so, the video is worth watching as there was quite a bit of work put into it and watching it is time well spent. 

Take a peek at the TENEX Solid State Volumetric OLED Display and see if it inspires you.  If you follow the link to the YouTube video Sean Hodgins posted you can also get a chance to win one of your very own.


[Sean Hodgins] is out with his latest video and it’s a piece of art in itself. Beyond a traditional project show and tell, he’s spun together a cyberpunk vibe to premiere the volumetric display he built from an OLED stackup.

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