Razer Huntsman V2, An Analog Optical Gaming Keyboard

Source: Kitguru Razer Huntsman V2, An Analog Optical Gaming Keyboard

Love Optical Switches?  Love Them Enough To Pay $250?

Razer have upped their linear optical switch game with their Huntsman V2 keyboard, but it will cost you to try it out.  If you haven’t run into these type of switches recently, they are designed to register the depth of your keypress and not just if it is clicked or not; hence the analog moniker.  This allows you to assign two actions to each key, one with a short depress and one when fully pressed.  The usual example is for W to walk forward when lightly pressed and to run when fully depressed, it isn’t exactly a D-pad but certainly more versatile than a regular mechanical keyboard.

If you prefer, you can also use the software to set travel distance from 1.5 mm to the full 3.6 mm travel the keys are capable of.  The software also lets you play with both the RGB underglow and backlighting, as you would expect on a keyboard like the Huntsman V2.  They also opted for double shot PBT keycaps for those that don’t want to sully their fingertips with the plebeian materials common keyboards use. 

You can watch the keyboard in action in Kitguru’s video review located here for your convenience.

Razer has launched its brand-new Huntsman V2 Analog keyboard, with PBT keycaps, a wrist rest complete with a RGB lightbar, and of course optical switches that can even bind different actions to different actuation points.

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