RTX 3070, Mobile Versus Desktop Versions

Source: TechSpot RTX 3070, Mobile Versus Desktop Versions

80W Versus 115W In This RTX 3070 Showdown

Techspot managed to get their hands on not only a desktop version of the RTX 3070 but also two laptops with different models of the mobile RTX 3070.  In the Gigabyte Aorus 15G, the RTX 3070 has TGP ranges between 80-95W while in the XMG Apex 17 the TGP is much higher, with a TGP of 115-130W.  The Aorus does offer a feature to increase the TGP to 90-105W, which was not fully tested but by the end of the review you should have am idea the effect that boost will have.  They provide a baseline for performance with a desktop version of the rare RTX 3070.

The performance is noticeably different, more so than the labelling on the laptops at the moment.  At 1080p the average performance delta is ~15% while at 1440p that difference increases to 19%, not just a minor boost but one that can take a game from uncomfortably juttery to smooth.   The numbers get worse when comparing these two mobile GPUs to a desktop model.  The 80W version is a whopping 53% behind the desktop model while the 115W model closes that gap to only 35%; still a huge performance cost to go mobile.

NVIDIA have responded to customers complaints about the labelling, not to mention the death of the Max-Q branding.  OEMs will be required to provide indication of the wattage of the mobile GPU in their laptops, hopefully in a way that is obvious to anyone shopping for a new gaming laptop.  There is at least some good news for mobile gamers as the 115W version of the RTX 3070 is 15% faster than the previous mobile 2070 Super for a lower price, and 30% faster than the old 2070 at the same price … or at least they would be in a more normal time.

The graphics processors inside the two products shown below have the same name: RTX 3070. One is destined for desktop PCs, and the other is a gaming laptop. But they don't even get close to delivering the same performance. What's going on here? Is this a problem? Let's get benchmarking!

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