Shortages At Samsung Delay The Next Note

Source: Slashdot Shortages At Samsung Delay The Next Note

You Get A Shortage And You Get A Shortage And …

We hope you weren’t planning on distracting yourself from your inability to purchase a new GPU by picking up the new Galaxy Tab when it was released, as we have some bad news for you.  During Samsung’s annual shareholders meeting in Seoul a delay on the release of the new tablet was announced due to chip shortages.  This year everything from automobiles to flash memory looks to be suffering from shortages of supplies at least as bad as in the latter part of 2020.

Samsung’s lack of chips will affect more than just their own products, as they and TSMC are the two largest manufacturers of silicon on the planet.  The lack of components will mean less Snapdragon chips for everyone, and without those chips just about every line of phones will see limited inventory over the coming year.  That doesn’t even begin to include the fallout from the Samsung fab in Texas losing power during the recent heavy weather that hit the state.  There is also the question of how quickly rare minerals are being mined to provide the materials required to start production of the components.

At least for the beginning of this year, every company which relies on any sort of computer chip will be fighting tooth and nail for space on the lines of TSMC, Samsung and others.  Without the basic components which make up our beloved complex computer chips, the production lines of our favourite tools, gadgets and vehicles will lie dormant until the electronic components arrive to allow them to complete assembly and ready them for sale.

Samsung, one of the world's largest makers of chips and consumer electronics, expects the crunch to pose a problem to its business next quarter, co-Chief Executive Officer Koh Dong-jin said during an annual shareholders meeting in Seoul.

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