Take A Trip To Milan, The New AMD EPYC 7003 Family

Source: ServeTheHome Take A Trip To Milan, The New AMD EPYC 7003 Family

Up To 64 Cores, Up To A 280W TDP

ServeTheHome have been hard at work, breaking down AMD’s release of the new family of EPYC chips from AMD and have now released their results.  There are 19 models split between several families of processors, including core performance models that provide higher frequencies but lower core counts than the core density models.  The family that is likely to sell the most is the balanced and optimized segment, with core counts, frequencies and TDP’s that offer a compromise between performance, energy consumption and cost.  The EPYC 7003 family also includes the first 28 core models AMD has released.

TDPs range from 155W on the 16 core, 3.0/3.7GHz 7313/P up to a monstrous 280W TDP on the 64 core 2.45/3.5GHz EPYC 7763 and the 32 core 2.95/4.0GHz EPYC 75F3.  AMD’s presentation suggests that these new Zen 3 based chips offer a 19% higher IPC than the previous generation, enough of a bump to make upgrading attractive, if you can get your hands on the hardware.

As with previous EPYC launches, there are a number of partners which will ship EPYC based servers, don’t expect to see these sitting on a shelf for you to pick up.  You can see which companies will be selling these servers as well as a breakdown of the slides which were presented for your enjoyment here.

Today we are finally able to share details around the AMD EPYC 7003 series, codenamed “Milan.” This is AMD’s newest offering that will carry the EPYC line through 2021 and into a new realm with Genoa next year. This launch review happens at a somewhat strange time in the industry.

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