The Newly Updated Corsair Katar Pro XT

Source: Neoseeker The Newly Updated Corsair Katar Pro XT

Leashing The Katar Pro

A while back Sebastian reviewed the wireless Corsair Katar Pro, which earned a Gold Award thanks to the superb wireless performance as well as the $40 price tag.  Corsair recently released a wired version, the Katar Pro XT, which is up for review at several places including our very own tag team review and another by Neoseeker.  There are a few differences other than the cord and lack of battery, the RGBs are moved around a bit, the sensor has been rotated 90 degrees and swapped from the PMW3325 to the PMW3391.

The new sensor improves the sensitivity range to 100–18,000 DPI and it can be calibrated to effectively work on numerous surfaces.  As with the wireless version, you can use iCue to manage the glow on the mouse and DPI settings.  The Katar Pro XT doesn’t support key mapping nor button reprogramming, which you should keep in mind if those are important features for you.

At $30 MSRP, it is hard to knock the lack of extra features.

The corded Katar Pro XT cuts costs from $39.99 USD for the Wireless model down to $29.99. The weight is also reduced from 96g for the Katar Pro Wireless variant to 73g on the Katar Pro XT (not counting the cable) since it has no battery.

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