The PC Specialist Sentinel, ThreadRipper Pro And A 6900 XT

Source: Kitguru The PC Specialist Sentinel, ThreadRipper Pro And A 6900 XT

That’s Not A Workstation; This Is A Workstation!

The PC Specialist Sentinel is a serious machine, and maybe a bit of overkill if all you are looking for is a way to get your hands on a RX 6900 XT.  On the other hand if you are looking for a serious workstation, but don’t want to delve into the EPYC ecosystem then this Threadripper Pro 3975WX based system is a worthy competitor for your hard earned cash.

The specs include the aforementioned ThreadRipper Pro, an EATX ASUS Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WiFi with dual 10GbE ports in addition to WiFi 6,128GB of DDR4-2666MHz ECC, an RX 6900 XT 16GB from XFX and a PCS FROSTFLOW 200 TR4 for cooling.  Storage includes a 500GB Samsung 980 PRO and a 2TB Samsung 870 QVO which should give you space for your projects to live, with two unpopulated M.2 and a U.2 to expand if you need. 

The memory bandwidth is immense, 113,980MB/s read and 84,968 MB/s write even with the latency hit from the ECC memory and that is with DDR4-2666.  If you pay for the upgrade to DDR4-3200 those numbers will jump even higher.  Pop on over to Kitguru for a look at the well designed and extremely powerful PC Specialist Sentinel in both pictures and video.

Those components cost a total of £5,000 at retail prices so we are looking at one of the most extreme computers we have ever reviewed at KitGuru… and you can be sure that our expectations are going to be sky high.

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