Corsair Is Rattling It’s Sabre Like An RGB Pro

Source: TechPowerUp Corsair Is Rattling It’s Sabre Like An RGB Pro

Corsair Is Offering A Lot Of New Input Today

It is likely you have already enjoyed Brett’s review of Corsair’s K70 RGB TKL keyboard and his quick look at the Sabre RGB Pro mouse.  If not there is plenty of time to do so before heading below the fold for even more reviews of the two new members of Corsair’s Champion Series.  He did not have much time with the Sabre RGB Pro nor it’s 8000Hz polling rate, which is why we lead with TechPowerUp’s review of the new gaming mouse.

This is not the first mouse to claim a polling rate over 1000Hz, however it does seem to be the first capable of doing so without needing you to install a modified USB driver to enable the feature.  Corsair’s Sabre RGB Pro claims to be able to provide up to an 8000Hz in part from the PixArt PMW3392 sensor which can operate at that frequency without repeating signals to make it seem like it is polling at a higher rate.  The software the mouse users is the other key, again able to run quickly enough to register up to 8000 pixels of movement in a second.

The question remains as to how effective Corsair’s implementation is, and if it has any effect whatsoever on your gaming and indeed, which games actually support such a high polling rate.  To find out, dig into the review.

Corsair joins Razer and EVGA with their first 8000 Hz polling mouse. Equipped with PixArt's PMW3392, the right-handed ergonomic Sabre RGB Pro comes with spring-loaded main buttons, a flexible cable, and 72 g lightweight construction while retailing at $59.99, the lowest of all 8000 Hz mice thus far.

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