GTC For Gamers, DLSS And Ray Tracing Comes To Unity And Mortal Shell

Source: NVIDIA GTC For Gamers, DLSS And Ray Tracing Comes To Unity And Mortal Shell

No Surprise Availability Of Cards Announced Though

GTC has been full of amazing reveals, though their benefits to gaming will take some time to apply.  NVIDIA’s Omniverse Enterprise will allow 3D development teams that are geographically scattered and running different software to work effectively together, which will help with the design of next generation games but wasn’t directly tied to any new releases.  The new NVIDIA RTX A5000 and NVIDIA RTX A4000 GPUs likely won’t power your next desktop but you can bet game developers are looking to source some. 

Car enthusiasts will be excited not only by the new hardware that will be appearing in coming models, while LEGO lovers will be interested in a project to realistically render blocks, with ray tracing, to help you design your next build before even picking up a block.  GTC is also one of the few times when news about AI actually does relate to AI development and this year the volume of announcements has been more than impressive.

Among all the news for developers were two stories for gamers, albeit one is a new driver release.  Game Ready Driver Version 466.11 has a surprise for those who have or plan to play Mortal Shell; full ray tracing support and DLSS to help your frame rates stay high when you enable it.  As well, NVIDIA Reflex support for Valorant has been improved to reduce the latency between your mouse click and your characters response on screen.  G-SYNC compatibility has been expanded to several new monitors and the new noise reducing feature available on most NVIDIA cards is now available on OBS.

Last, but not least is an announcement which will apply to a huge number of games, as the Unity Game Engine receives support for DLSS and enhanced ray tracing.  Lately it seems that every other new game that is released uses Unity and so bringing these features to the game engine will have a huge impact on gamers.  Even better news is that adding DLSS to a game is a matter of a few mouse clicks, and not a rewrite of vast swathes of code.  Ray tracing will take a bit more work to implement, but as developers have been able to implement ray tracing to a certain extent already, adding them to a game which was developed with ray tracing already should not be incredibly difficult to do.

Developers’ ability to level up their games with the same cutting-edge technologies found in the biggest blockbusters got a lot simpler. Unity developers will soon be able to add NVIDIA DLSS to their creations in just a few clicks. Before the end of 2021, NVIDIA DLSS will be natively supported for the High Definition Render Pipeline ( HDRP) in Unity 2021.2.

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