Hear About The MOVO Microphone Round Up?

Source: Neoseeker Hear About The MOVO Microphone Round Up?

Cardioid And Shotgun And Lavalier, Oh My!

Neoseeker has a trio of MOVO microphones up for review, each with a different design and purpose.  If you don’t move around when streaming, or if you are trying to get audio from someone at distance, then the Movo VXR10-PRO supercardioid shotgun microphone is the way to go.  This microphone is extremely directional, only capturing what it is pointed at, and can be connected to and powered by just about any device, including your smartphone.  At $50 it is not the best shotgun mic out there, but it is impressive when you consider the bang you get from your buck.

If your style leans more towards fancy lapels, then the EDGE-UC Wireless Lavalier microphone is the way to go.  The microphone itself is wireless and can be clipped where ever you prefer, while the receivers are powered by the device you connect them to, which is one less set of batteries to worry about.  The range is also impressive, Neoseeker were still able to record audio even when the mic was on a separate floor from the receiver, though the further the distance the worse the background noise became.

Last of the trio is the VSM-7 Studio XLR condenser mic, which will function with either 24v or 48v phantom power connections.  It can be switched between omnidirectional, bidirectional, or cardioid patterns and sports a 0dB/-10dB PAD switch and a low-cut filter.  The price gives away one small drawback, at $125US you only get the mic so you will have to source a stand or arm separately.  If you are leaning towards an XLR microphone, make sure to invest in a good amp as even the best mic is only as good as what it is plugged in to.

The omnidirectional settings opened up the mic to the room and seemed to pick a bit more ambient noise, as it's supposed to, I guess. No matter what your plans for the VSM-7 are, however, I highly suggest picking up a good quality mixer with the proper connectors and power requirements.

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