Navi Versus Ampere At 1080p And 1440p

Navi Versus Ampere At 1080p And 1440p

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Remember when GPU reviews were something to look forward to?  One day they will be again, but for most ownership of a new Navi or Ampere card is simply the stuff of dreams.  If you can bring yourself to to take a look, Techgage have rounded up all the cards you wish you had to test them in a large number of games at the two most popular resolutions so that you can know what to expect from the card you have an availability watch on.

As you look through the results you will notice that both the RX 6800 XT and RTX 3080 run over 100fps in the games tested, even with all the bells and whistles set to 11 at 1440p.  If one of those cards are the GPU you hope to buy one day then there is a bit of shopping you can do now.  While a normal monitor can’t handle those numbers, an adaptive sync display will give you an amazing experience if your framerates are that high.  G-SYNC and FreeSync displays are available now, so you can take a look at which models meet all your needs and keep an eye out for deals.  Take your time and enjoy, after all those GPUs are not in a hurry to become widely available.

They include some games not often tested, so those familiar with the performance of these two families can still learn a thing or two.  Techgage wanted to include Rainbow Six Siege as a second esports title, but a recent update causes the game to use a random texture detail setting instead of the one specified,

Equipped with 11 graphics cards, ten game titles, and a bunch of synthetic tests, we’re taking a look at select GPUs from AMD’s and NVIDIA’s previous- and current-gen series to see which models stand out of the crowd, and perhaps offer the best bang-for-the-buck (…at least, as far as SRP goes).

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