NlZ Plum x87 35g Keyboard, Topre On A Budget

Source: TechPowerUp NlZ Plum x87 35g Keyboard, Topre On A Budget

A Gateway Drug To The Mechanical Keyboard Market?

At $155 the NlZ Plum x87 35g is not exactly cheap, until you compare it to other keyboards with electro-capacitive switches.  In this case the keyboard uses 35 gf tactile NIZ switches similar to those from Topre.  They are rubber dome switches with a spring, however they contain a sensor which detects the keystroke before you bottom out, unlike your bog standard membrane keyboard.  The keyboard also sports high quality doubleshot injected PBT keycaps with top and front legends.

TechPowerUp could feel a difference between these switches and authentic Topre switches, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing as they did not emerge with a clear preference, both types of switches were uniquely good under their fingers.  The keyboards features are fairly extensive for a non-RGB’d keyboard, allowing you to swap layouts to Dvorak or other alternative layouts and to adjust the actuation point between three levels.

It even allows you to replace the springs to increase the actuation force to 45 gf, though the process is a little more involved than with mechanical switches.  IF you are looking for something a little different and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars only to find out you despise your new purchase, perhaps the NlZ Plum x87 35g is within your budget.

If you wanted to try out Topre switches before, but the Topre Realforce or HHKB keyboards were too expensive or not to your liking, perhaps NIZ keyboards are for you. Today, we take a look at their TKL Plum x87, which features electrocapacitive switches built around a solid, quiet keyboard for typists and gamers alike.

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  1. Erik Killops

    For first time buyers and newcomers to electrostatic capacitive boards, I would personally recommend the 45g models over the 35g. In addition to increasing the tactility slightly (which I like), 45g is the weight that most Topre boards use so it would give you a better idea whether you’ll like Topre as well.


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