Ooooo, Shiny! The Ducky Mecha SF Radiant Keyboard

Source: TechPowerUp Ooooo, Shiny!  The Ducky Mecha SF Radiant Keyboard

Mekagojira, Sure … But Mekaducky?

The layout of the Ducky Mecha SF Radiant is similar to the One 2 SF they recently released, but the overall look is very different.  First off is the thick aluminium case which has a very noticeable iridescent finish to give you a shine which does not depend on RGBs, though you also get plenty of those to play with as well including a key combo to switch between several lighting profiles.

The keycaps themselves are high quality doubleshot injected PBT, and the Mecha SF Radiant ships with several replacement keycaps included in the box.  That design does limit the amount of light which can shine through the keys, so they also included a key puller if you want to swap the keycaps with your own.  You will lose out on the unique look of the Emerald or Ocean version of the Mecha SF Radiant which would be a shame as Ducky has added a noticeable premium on the price of this keyboard.

Cherry provides the switches, with your choice of six different flavours depending on your preference.  As with most Ducky keyboards, there is no software so macro programming and lighting are handled via a number of keystrokes and toggles.  That doesn’t make it any less versatile, in fact it can even emulate mouse movements via the Fn key if you happen to be on the go without a rodent. 

TechPowerUp tells you all about it here.

Ducky wants to switch the world in 2021 with the release of two limited edition Mecha SF keyboards. We take a look at the Emerald version today, which builds upon the excellent One 2 SF examined before and provides a custom keycap set matching the theme, as well as an aluminium case with an iridescent finish that necessitates a closer look!

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