Podcast #622 – Intel Rocket Lake, Corsair RMx PSUs, ARM v9, RTX 3080ti, and more!

Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S, what’s not to like about it? Ok, maybe a few nit-picky things that actually matter. We spend like 40 minutes hashing it out here.

If you have arrived here, in hopes of basking in the warm glow of a special burger – then this show is not for you today. The local burger establishment did not have a special Special, as it were. Tune in next week.

But in other news, Brett tries his hand at power supply testing, Josh discusses the latest in Arm technology, we touch on the latest RTX3080ti rumors, 2021 tech shows, and some other software updates. Oh, and some April 1st fails? How did we make this show run for 2 hours anyway?! OH, Intel. Ok.

We would welcome your support of the show – to keep everything moving around here, it’s our live performance show topping performance art if you will. Please consider helping us out over at our Patreon if you are able. You are the people helping to keep this show and site alive, so thank you all very much!

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PS. OpenRGB, Brett’s pick of the week below, does in fact have an available GUI – he was carried away by wanting to push his Unix command line ways onto the Kidz today to get them off the GUI lawn.

Show Topics

00:00 Intro
04:02 Josh Burger FAIL
05:14 Way Too Much Intel Rocket Lake Discussion
38:04 Josh Talks About Arm’s Virtual Conference
52:10 Computex Cancels In-Person 2021 Show
56:20 AIDA64 v6.33 Arrives
58:26 Ad Break #1: Helix Sleep
59:53 GeForce GA102-250 Rumors
1:03:35 NVIDIA Officially Enables GPU Passthrough
1:06:21 Disco Elysium Final Cut
1:08:59 Sonos 24-bit 48 kHz Excitement
1:16:43 Ad Break #2: TextExpander
1:17:54 RGB Hair (not really a thing)
1:20:33 VoltsWagon Rebrand (made fools of us all)
1:22:48 Brett’s Corsair RMx PSU Review
1:39:01 Picks of the Week
1:47:57 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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