Phanteks Eclipse P200A Performance, ITX For Less

Source: TechPowerUp Phanteks Eclipse P200A Performance, ITX For Less

The Eclipse P200A Performance Or ARGB, Your Choice

The price of SFF cases can vary greatly, some In Win and Razer cases will cost you ~$200 while other models will run you around $50, with the Phanteks Eclipse P200A series being one of the latter.  You can opt for the Performance model with two steel side panels which TechPowerUp reveiwed, or the DRGB version with a tempered glass side panel and fans with plenty of blinkenlighten.

The design of the case almost feels like it is upside down, with the PSU installed at the top of the case and the front panel inputs and buttons located at the bottom of the case, but that does help with airflow and contribute to a clean looking front.  That front panel includes a pair of USB 3.0 Type A ports, a combo audio jack and a reset button, the power button being located on the top of the case as is common with Phanteks cases.

The $50 price tag is reflected in the structure of the case as opposed to the removal of features, it still sports well executed cable management, plenty of cooling options and tool-less design.  TechPowerUp described the PSU bracket and overall build of the case as feeling a little more flimsy than the Eclipse P400 or P500.  The case was still strong enough to stand up to normal usage, it wasn’t thin enough to worry about but well worth noting.

Pop by for a closer look.

Today, with the release of the Eclipse P200A, Phanteks is offering an even more compact ITX option for the Eclipse series, further lowering the barrier of entry to $50 even with the current tariffs in place. So, it will be interesting to see where Phanteks had to trim features and functionality to hit that price point without loosing the Eclipse DNA that makes the series so popular with consumers.

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