Psst, Wanna Buy A Tablet?

Source: TechSpot Psst, Wanna Buy A Tablet?

More Than Just iPads

If you need portability but aren’t looking to budget for a convertible laptop then you are probably looking to buy a tablet.  Often that means you immediately look at the new iPads, like the ~$360 Apple iPad 10.2″ or the ~$800 iPad Pro 11 but there are more choices out there.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is a little cheaper than the Pro, at $680 but what about the models Microsoft and Amazon are offering?

TechSpot has your back, listing their five favourite tablets at the top of this article, while including a number of alternate choices, such as Lenovo’s Tab P11 Pro and Tab M10 HD.   Of course some of the models are heading towards the end of life, such as the Ice Lake-U Surface Pro 7 which is likely to be replaced with the Pro 8 in the near future.

Of course, with the current shortages of the components which constitute these tablets, there is a good reason not to wait if you find one of the recommended models for sale.

Whether you need a new tablet for work or study, content consumption, web browsing, or for your kids, this buying guide has got you covered. From high-end to budget, iOS or Android, here are our picks of the best tablets.

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