QNAP Owners; Get Busy Patching Or Get Busy Crying

Source: The Register QNAP Owners; Get Busy Patching Or Get Busy Crying

Qlocker Spreads It’s Net

QNAP owners have had a busy year, with a large number of patches being pushed out to protect against a variety of threats.  Their work is not yet done as another wave of patches and mitigation steps need to be applied ASAP, lest they fall afoul of QLocker or eCh0raix.   These two ransomware attacks are spreading like wildfire across the net, encrypting entire NAS devices and ransoming your data for 0.01 bitcoins.  Even with the plummeting values of cryptocurrency you still shouldn’t reward this type of behaviour.  After all, you have at least two good recent backups, right?

The attacks leverage an SQL injection vulnerability, hard coded credentials and a vulnerability with both QTS and QuTS Hero.  The patches are out there for you to get and install, something that should be high on owner’s priority lists.  Grab the latest updates to all the QNAP software running on your boxes and it is also suggested you use a different port than the default, 8080, to make yourself a little harder to target.

Check out The Register for links to the patches, as well as the full list of suggestions from QNAP.

QNAP has urged its customers to install and run its latest firmware and malware removal tools on their NAS boxes amid a surge in ransomware infections.

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