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The tech news this week has been almost exclusively dedicated to Intel’s release of their 11th Gen Core processors, code named Rocket “Sad Panda” Lake. Sadly, all this focus has taken attention away from the real advances in gaming technology. On March 31, 2021 Razer unveiled their new Rapunzel Chroma hair products.

The new RGB hair coloring allows users to control the coloring and special effects in their hair with the Chroma mobile app. We truly live in the greatest time to be a gamer in history. Who cares that you can’t buy a new (or used) GPU.

Not to be left on the sidelines during such an advancement, the PC Perspective staff have fully invested in Razer’s new technology. Our editor and chief, Sebastian Peak, has signed an exclusive agreement with Razer to endorse Rapunzel products.

After signing the new contract with Razer, Sebastian said “I’ve always felt like I needed more RGB in my life, and there is no greater platform to show off this new technology than my perfectly styled coiffure.”

Razer’s CEO Min-Lian Tan stated “We at Razer have always wanted to pull Sebastian away from his Corsair ICue products, and now, with Rapunzel, we’ve been able to do just that.”

Part of the new agreement means that in all future podcasts Jeremy and I will have our long locks adorned in glorious Chroma illumination. The same is true for Brett’s beard. Razer is currently working on a Chroma capable toupee for Josh.

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