Skip DOTA In L3; Go For DOOM On A Bootloader

Source: Hackaday Skip DOTA In L3; Go For DOOM On A Bootloader

Everything Is DOOM’d Now

The orginal DOOM has run on a lot of devices it shouldn’t, from pregnancy testers to a TI83 calculator and we know exactly how many potatoes it takes to power DOOM on a RasPi.  In theory it could even run on crabs, if you could wrangle 43,015,432 bushels of soldier crabs together.  In each case however, the code has to be modified and toaster DOOM won’t run on fridge DOOM without a fair amount of modification to the code.  This has all changed thanks to Ahmad Fatoum’s new version which can run on a bootloader!

Ahmad wrote it to run on Barebox, which is generally found on IoT and embedded systems but as it has no dependencies it can run on just about anything.  This means with a bit of tweaking you could include DOOM in your motherboard’s UEFI, on industrial machinery or even a RISC-V emulator.  You will still have a bit of tweaking to do to the code, but nowhere near the amount that was required previously.

Keep your eyes open, as we may start seeing DOOM Guy in some very odd places.


For those already running Barebox, the bareDOOM code can be found on [Ahmad]’s GitHub page. For those not running Barebox, it does have a number of benefits compared to other bootloaders, even apart from its new ability to play classic FPS games.

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