Sony Is Partially Killing The PlayStation Network And Taking Out Your Old PS3 And PS4 With It

Source: Ars Technica Sony Is Partially Killing The PlayStation Network And Taking Out Your Old PS3 And PS4 With It

Sony Continues It’s Unique Relationship With Their Customers

It almost seems like Sony doesn’t actually like it’s customers.  There have been many examples of this, past and present, such as the ban applied to those who shared the free PS4 games they received with the PS Plus Collection that came with their PS5.  While other companies would simply accept this behaviour and others would disable those specific games from being played, Sony flat out banned any consoles caught sharing these free games from the network.

This level of service continues to this day, with their decision to kill off the online stores for PS3, PSP, and Vita meaning that the permanent death of every PS3 and PS4 is inevitable.  Owners of those consoles can replace their CMOS battery immediately to try to extend the the lifespant of their console, but they will only last as long as that battery does.

As with any motherboard, the CMOS battery ensures that the onboard clock retains the current time and date, even with no power being fed to the board and if you remove it you will need to reset the time manually or let an NTP server set it for them the next time they are connected to the internet.  The same goes for your PS3 and PS4, except that the only place that they can sync with is Sony’s online store; the one which will be gone later this summer.

One Sony shuts down the networks, you will be the proud owner of a brick the next time your CMOS battery dies.  You could mod it to remain functional, though doing so also risks Sony’s ire.

You'd think this check could be segregated from the ability to load the non-trophy portions of the game, but player testing has shown that this seems to be a requirement to get PS4 games to load at all.

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  1. Mike Showell

    This is fake news. Sony is only ending the ps store for ps3, and psp in July, and ps vita in August. Going forward the ps store will only carry games for ps4 and ps5, Both of those consoles will still have access to the playstation network and platstation online store. It’s unprofessional, and reckless, to try and start a panic, by telling people their ps4’s will nolonger have access to the ps store or digital libraries. Given that most people still can’t get a ps5, scaring ps4 owners for no reason, just seems cruel, and in poor taste.

  2. Lol

    Yo [typo here, should read “while I generally LOVE your content”].. the CMOS of ps4 has nothing to do with the ps3 store’s death.


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