Team Group T-Create Expert SSD, Long Life At A High Price

Team Group T-Create Expert SSD, Long Life At A High Price

40 Cents A Gig, or $66.66… A Year

The Team Group T-Create Expert 2TB SSD is expensive; at $800 it surpasses even that $1300 8TB SSD from Sabrent in price per GB.  At first glance, this might be because of the longevity of the drive, it sports a 12 year warranty and has an expected 12,000 TBW lifespan which is far above the standard.  It could also be the Silicon Motion SM2262ENG and 2GB of RAM as well, regardless this price is hard to swallow for a PCIe 3.0 SSD.

As far as performance goes, it is top notch and the 304GB SLC cache keeps it moving quickly even under heavy loads.  Then again, the WD Black SN850 2 TB is less than half the price with all of the performance albeit without the Enterprise-like longevity.  If you do write obscene amounts of data or were setting up a system somewhere it is very hard to service then perhaps the extra cost is worth it?

Take a peek if you are interested in a drive which sits between consumer and Enterprise for both price and robustness, otherwise check out some of the other reviews below.


The Team Group T-Create Expert comes with 12 years of warranty and a mind-boggling 12,000 TBW endurance rating. That's 12 Petabytes, probably more than all the data that you've consumed in your life up to this point. We take a closer look at the chips they use and run it through our extensive real-life testing suite.

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