The G.SKILL KM360 Keyboard And The Indiana Jones Movie That Doesn’t Exist

Source: TechPowerUp The G.SKILL KM360 Keyboard And The Indiana Jones Movie That Doesn’t Exist

Crystal Crown Keycaps With A Red Cherry … Underneath

G.SKILL is hoping to tempt keyboard aficionados with the KM360 mechanical TKL keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches and fancy ABS keycaps.  The plastic and aluminium housing connects to your system via an included 5′ long USB Type-A to male USB Type-C and is rather shiny, all the better to reflect your RGBs.

TechPowerUp have seen similar keyboard designs from other manufacturers, overall it is a nicely compact TKL board with no major flaws at all.  The real star are the special Crystal Crown keycaps, which you can get in either black tops or white tops; both have transparent sides to ensure that the keyboard’s lights are not hiding under a bushel.  Of the two types the black are the more interesting, as the top of the keys are outlined with a thin transparent circle that glows brightly when the RGBs are on.

The best way to see what that means is to read the review, so head on over.

G.SKILL added to their peripherals with the see-through Crystal Crown keycaps available in black or white. Matching these colors is also their budget-friendly KM360 TKL keyboard looking to offer a no-frills, small footprint keyboard without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. We take a look at this $75 combination.

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